Layaway is available on ALL items! 

-No interest or financing charges

-Multiple layaway options
1.  50% down and 50% in 30 days
2.  33% down, 33% in 30 days, remaining 33% in 60 days
3.  25% down, 25% in 30 days, 25% in 60 days, remaining 25% in 90 days

-Add items to your shopping cart, click proceed to checkout and then select Layaway as your payment options.  It will NOT CHARGE you at this point.  You then just put in the notes section which layaway plan above you want and we will invoice you through paypal.  If you would rather pay for your deposit etc with credit card then you can call the shop at 603-845-3577 or email us at [email protected] and we can send you a credit card option as well. 

-All payments are due upon set payment plan above.  If your layaway goes into default we will send reminders thru paypal to make your payments.  If you do not make the payments when due then the layaway order will be considered in default.  Once your layaway is in default you have the option to pay in full within 7 days (unless other arrangements have been made to extend the layaway) or your order will be cancelled.  Please note that you cannot add to nor change a layaway once it has been placed as we have pulled (or ordered) the items in for you personally and held them from the sales floor.  If you want to add more items you are able to just start a new layaway and we will process them in the order received.  If your payment go into default then your order will be cancelled and the payments held until order is paid in full.  Fortunately this is very rare as our customers are amazing and always follow thru on their orders, but for those rare times that it does occur please understand the reasoning behind this fee.  Once we get a layaway order we pull the items for the customer off the sales floor and they are not available for purchase by others.  Please make sure to follow thru with your payments on time so that your order does not go into default.

Any layaways that are cancelled by the customer after 7 days of original start date will forfeit any payments made.  If a layaway is cancelled within 7 days of original start date then a store credit will be issued.